Project Scope:

        A dining facility to seat about 250 along with appropriate kitchen and servery located at the heart of a complex where 1250 people are engaged in a rapidly growing high-tech industry with an international clientele. It is also to serve as a meeting/presentation center for 350.

Project Description:

        The owners created the site for this building by relocating an existing building to another location within the campus. Two principal qualities of this site are that it lies at the center of the campus geographically and that it is located at the crossroads of pedestrian and vehicular circulation routes. Mature trees surround the café on three sides. These trees define outdoor meeting and dining places and provide shelter from the hot California sun and occasional strong winds. The kitchen and servery are designed to meet the needs of a well-known food service provider on contract to the owner. A large parking area to the south provides a logical point for locating the service access to the building. The building is also to serve as a visual icon for the campus due to its location at the primary visitors' entrance. The main dining room is oriented toward the north which permits an all-glass wall which also wraps around the west and east sides. Two smaller, more private dining rooms are oriented to the east - also enclosed by glass walls. Outdoor dining decks and terraces surround the dining rooms.

Design Philosophy:

        To design a setting that is in and of the landscape; a gathering place - a campus building that welcomes an interpretation as an oasis along many paths. To design a building that portrays clear separation and integration of functions as exhibited in materiality and section/volume/light inter-relationships.